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Although the association is aware that a good horseball coach requires gaining experience in the field, we have developed the program "  Coach in 1 day  » in order to allow you to discover horseball to your riders and to begin the training of your teams.

A more advanced program, combining clinics and mentoring, has been put in place to allow you to bring your riders into competition.


  • Knowledge of  horseball rules  

  • How to safely introduce the sport to your riders and horses;

  • How to equip your horse and  find the required equipment;


  • Knowledge of the different types of passes;


  • Knowledge of some attack and defense strategies;


  • How to organize basic training with your riders;


  • Take part in a competition.


  • Online, the training can be taken at your own pace.

  • In person, the training  Coach in 1 day  » takes place over 1 day and comprises 2 parts, a theoretical part and a practical part.  


  • We are able to adapt to your needs and can adjust the day according to your availability.


  • It is possible to take some modules online and others in person.



1. Introduction to horseball


2. Game rules


3. Participate in a competition and membership


4. Equipment and equipping your horse


5. Ground training and rider warm-up


6. Horse warm-up


7. Introduction to horseball, safety point, passing and collection techniques


8. Attack, Defense and Penalty Strategies

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