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A non-profit organization, the Association Horse-ball Québec / Horse-ball Canada (hereinafter the "Association") has been responsible for the development of Horse-ball in Canada since 2005.

Activities in Quebec are managed under the name Association Horse-ball Quebec.  

Horse-ball Canada is mainly active at international events and elsewhere in the country.

The Association is an affiliate of the Fédération Internationale de Horse-ball (FIHB) and Cheval Québec.

Over the last few years the community in Canada had 40 to 60 active members.



The Association Horse-Ball Québec / Horse-ball Canada aims to  promote the growth and influence of the sports community while ensuring excellence, the personal fulfillment of each individual as well as interpersonal development. 


The association organizes from June to October a competitive and friendly provincial circuit, over 7 to 8 meeting days.  

Events are organized throughout the year, whether clinics and demonstrations, training offered to referees, coaches and players  or even social events (gala, fundraisers).


At the same time, we invite  our members to represent Canada at  tournaments or  international clinics  taking place in different countries, which  given  the opportunity for our members to meet other enthusiasts of the discipline. In recent years, our members have traveled  together at  United States (2014), in  Brazil (2015),  to  Portugal (2016), in  Mexico (2017) and Guadeloupe (2019).

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