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With our mentoring system, we offer you the keys to success in coaching your competition team.


A coach comes to train you at your stable on a regular or occasional basis so that you can coach your teams and organize practices.


In addition to in-person mentoring, tools are available online to help you organize your training and practices.


The association is also able to set up a tailor-made program according to your needs.



Price per mentoring session

$45 fixed + travel expenses*

*If the coach's stable is more than 30 km from the mentor's place of departure (the mentors are within a radius of 70 km from the island of Montreal).




Beginner coach:  


Mentor visits recommended every 2 to 4 weeks for the first few months  and on request.

Trained coach:  


Mentor visits recommended every 6-8 weeks or on request.

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