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Separating Activities: Horseball Quebec Association and Canada Horseball

Objectif: Renforcer la compétition provinciale et développer la discipline à travers le Canada

Association HorseBall Quebec has played a crucial role in the development of horseball in the province of Quebec. However, it is time to consider separating the activities of Association HorseBall Quebec and Canada Horseball. This separation would allow Association HorseBall Quebec to focus on provincial competition, while Canada Horseball would concentrate on standardizing the discipline across Canadian provinces, national development, and representing Canada in international competitions. This article will explore the reasons why this separation is necessary and beneficial for the growth of horseball in Canada.

Canada Horseball logo depicting a horseball that appears to be the legs of a ridden horse ridden.
Canada Horseball logo

Strengthening Provincial Competition

Provincial competition is a fundamental pillar of horseball, providing players with a local platform to compete and develop their skills. By separating activities, Association HorseBall Quebec could allocate more resources and efforts to the development of provincial competition. This would involve organizing tournaments, creating leagues, and promoting participation from local clubs. By strengthening provincial competition, players and teams from Quebec would benefit from a stronger competitive environment, fostering their progression and passion for the sport.

The logo represents the bust of a horse with a horseball and the Quebec fleur-de-lis.
Association Horse-Ball Québec logo

Standardizing the Discipline Across Canada

For horseball to fully develop in Canada, it is crucial to standardize the discipline across different provinces. Canada Horseball would be responsible for this mission. By centralizing development activities on a national level, Canada Horseball could work towards standardizing rules, coach and judge training, and establishing quality standards for equestrian facilities. This would create a solid foundation for horseball throughout the country, allowing provinces to support each other and share best practices.

National Development and International Representation

Canada Horseball would be tasked with developing the discipline nationwide. This would involve organizing training programs, clinics, and promotional events in various provinces. By investing in development programs, Canada Horseball would stimulate interest and engagement from players, coaches, and horse owners across the country.

Additionally, Canada Horseball would be responsible for training and selecting players and horses to represent the country in international competitions. This would ensure adequate preparation and a high level of competitiveness for the Canadian national team.


The separation of activities between Association HorseBall Quebec and Canada Horseball is a crucial step for the development of horseball in Canada. By focusing on provincial competition, the Association HorseBall Quebec would strengthen the competitive level in Quebec and foster the progression of local players. Meanwhile, Canada Horseball would play a vital role in standardizing the discipline across provinces, national development, and international representation.

By working together, these two entities can contribute to the harmonious growth of horseball in Canada, providing strong local competition opportunities and nurturing the emergence of talents who can shine on the international stage.

The time has come to take this step and build a promising future for horseball in Canada.

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