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Summary of Horseball Competition Days at ChalkFarm Stables

We are introducing a new type of article that we will now offer you to follow our championships. Leave us a comment to let us know if you appreciate the format and to tell us what we should improve.

Last weekend, the ChalkFarm Stables organized the third and fourth horseball competition days for Provincial 1 and Provincial 2 levels, marking the first official competitions held in the stables' new facilities.

Favorable weather conditions accompanied these two competition days, providing a pleasant setting for both participants and spectators. However, the key element of this success lies in the dedication of the volunteers, whose efforts contributed to a seamless organization.

Action d'attaque de l'équipe de division Provincial 2 de ChalkFarm
Credit Yves Nadeau -

Saturday's events saw the experienced team from Titanium Ranch face off against the local ChalkFarm team in a mixed Provincial 1 & 2 teams match. The progression in the season has allowed us to witness a real improvement in the game on both sides. This reflects the ongoing work carried out during the early part of the season and tends to confirm that from August onward, riders and horses are better trained since coming out of the winter period.

The second day featured two interesting matches. The first involved two Provincial 1 level teams competing in a three-player format on each side (3x3). This format requires more organized actions among other things, and both teams demonstrated a lot of effectiveness. I personally enjoyed it a lot, although I unfortunately had to stop the game earlier in the second period.

The second match pitted two Provincial 2 level teams against each other in a standard format (4x4), with one Provincial 1 level player on each side. This combination benefited both teams, with visible improvements in decision-making and tactical coordination.

Action de jeu lors du match du dimanche entre les équipes de division Provincial 2 du Ranch Titanium et les Écuries ChalkFarm
Credit Yves Nadeau -

Overall, these competition days reflected the progress of the players and their mounts. The facilities of the ChalkFarm Stables were recognized for their quality, just like the new inflatable field, which was praised for its aesthetics and utility (personally tested and approved...).

Attention is now turned towards the upcoming day! The next competition day is scheduled for September 9th and 10th, marking the end of the 2023 season. Details regarding the location will be announced later.

Our goal remains to attract new clubs and players for the upcoming seasons, with potential adaptations to championship formats that we can't wait to talk to you about.

In conclusion, these competition days at the ChalkFarm Stables have been a resounding success, highlighting the participants' commitment, the ongoing evolution of the game, and the promising prospects for our discipline in Quebec.

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